Cannot select or enter Existing Lender details

Why does my lender not appear?

The reason your lender may not appear could be that they have changed name/trading style, or they are no longer trading/offering new mortgage deals at the moment.

Why can't I simply type what I want for the name of my lender?

Our search engine will not recognise free text as the banks/lenders provide their name from a drop-down list. Therefore, the lender name must be accurate as per the drop down list or the results will not be returned.

How to Select your Lender from the Drop-down list

1. Start entering the name of your lender slowly and choose from the drop-down list.2. Choose the name of your lender from the drop-down list, or if the lender does not appear choose any lender and let us know at the end. We will still be able to recommend the best deal for you from the most suitable lender.

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