How much can I borrow or get for a mortgage?

What is the maximum I can borrow?

Some banks and building societies can lend up to 5x income, depending on the deposit available and various other factors, but our mortgage advisors will be able to go through an affordability assessment that is unique to you.

Factors that could help increase your borrowing potential:

  • No Loans and Credit Card balances
  • High Income
  • Large Deposit
  • No Dependents

You can use our quick Mortgage Calculator to get an estimate, but we will need to carry out a full affordability assessment and we will ask you to provide your credit report to determine how much you could borrow.

For a more detailed mortgage calculator, we recommend you try the Money Advice Service. This is an independent mortgage advice service set up by the government.

Having loans or credit card balances that you don't clear each month will reduce your borrowing potential. This includes hire purchase agreements and car finance.
Other high regular commitments such as nursery or school fees and private loans could also affect your borrowing potential.
We will need your credit report to provide a personalised assessment and to determine how much you could borrow.

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