What advice service does your live chat provide?

New Mortgage Applications

We are only able to provide our live chat service to customers who are looking for our mortgage advisers to process a new mortgage within the next 3 months. The reason why we do not advise outside this timeframe is because your personal circumstances could change and so can lender criteria, so any advice that we can give now may not be valid in the long-term. We would likely need to reassess your circumstances again in the future.

Existing Mortgage Questions

If you have a question or concern about your existing mortgage, or about a mortgage application (or enquiry) with another provider, or about a mortgage scenario for another person, we will not be able to continue with our website live chat service.

Media & Research Only

We are unable to provide advice or mortgage quotes for the media, for research purposes, for divorce purposes, or for any given situation where you do not intend to proceed with a mortgage application within 3 months.

Mortgage Advisors or Persons working within the Financial Services industry

We are unable to provide advice, quotes or carry out research or submit mortgage applications for other mortgage advisors, financial advisors or persons connected to a competitor within the Financial Services industry.

Alternative Solutions

Alternatively, we highly recommend that you contact the Money Advice Service who are an independent mortgage advice service and helpline set up by the government.

They also have a live chat.

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