Mortgage Results Not Returned

Why am I not getting any mortgage results?

There are common reasons for not getting any mortgage results, they are:


  • Interest Only - these types of mortgages require a very high salary and/or significant equity in the property (unless you are looking at buy to let). So unless you have a very large deposit (or there is significant equity in the property), these types of mortgage searches will frequently return no results.


  • Rate Period / Rate Type - selecting specific rate periods can lead to no results for all rate types. So for example, if you have selected fixed rates for 1 year this will often return no results as these types of mortgages are not common. If you are having trouble getting results for a specific rate type you should select 'All Periods' instead of selecting a specific period. Not all lenders will offer the rate period or rate type you might be looking for when considering the specific mortgage requirements you have entered.


  • High Loan to Value - for mortgages at 90% loan to value and above you will find limited results and limited periods for these mortgages. Typically, these mortgages are fixed over 2, 3 and 5 years.



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