Getting an update on your mortgage application

When are Updates Provided?

Updates are provided regularly, but here are some key application stages we notify you about in event order:
  • A mortgage agreement in principle decision
  • Confirmation of application submission
  • A lender request for further information or documentation
  • Updates on the mortgage valuation
  • Updates on the mortgage offer
  • Updates from the lender or solicitor on exchange and completion

I haven't received an update, should I be worried?

Not at all. We inform our customers as soon as we hear good or bad news from the lender. No response always means that the mortgage lender is working on your application within their service level timescales. Mortgage lenders don't work as quickly as we do and most lenders can take up to 7 working days (on average) just to review a mortgage application or any documentation that has been sent to them.

Live Chat Updates

We will update you via live chat if you prefer. However, we don't expect you to keep your browser online all day! If you are offline, you will still be notified of any new messages from our mortgage advisors by email.

All online messages will be sent to you via email after 5 minutes of online inactivity. The email from us will contain a button to continue your conversation with our mortgage advisors online, or you can simply reply directly to our live chat messages via your email provider.

Email Updates

If you prefer email updates we are just as quick with our responses to email as we are to responding to live chats.


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