Do I need a solicitor for a remortgage?


Switching Lender

If you are remortgaging and switching lender in the process, then you will need a solicitor to complete your remortgage. This is a requirement for all remortgages when changing lender.

Staying with the same Lender

If you are renewing a mortgage deal with your existing lender then in most cases you will not need to involve a solicitor or conveyancing service. A solicitor would need to be involved if you are making changes to add or remove an applicant.

Using your own Solicitor

You can use your own solicitor to arrange your remortgage if they are registered to do business with the lender.

If you don’t wish to use the lender conveyancer, or if your remortgage deal does not come with a free legal service, we can provide remortgage legals from our recommended online firm for just £399 all-inclusive.


Some remortgage deals switching to a new lender come with a free legal service if you use the lender’s conveyancer.

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