Valuation/Survey Assistance


Once a mortgage application is submitted, the valuation will usually be instructed by the mortgage lender within 48 hours. When the survey is actually carried out depends on when the estate agent, developer or owner of the property books in the appointment.

If the estate agent, developer or owner misses the call or does not respond to the valuation company, this can cause delays.


Remortgage surveys can be instructed as a Drive-by or Desktop valuation.

When a physical inspection is required, the lender will make an appointment directly with you within 48 hours of the mortgage application being submitted.

Which company will carry out the Valuation / Survey Report?

The valuation company is not always disclosed to us and the surveys are not carried out by the banks directly. Instructions are sent out to third party surveying firms.

Popular surveying companies are:

  • Countrywide Surveyors
  • Connells Surveyors
  • Colleys Surveyors
  • E.surv Surveyors
  • Shepherds Surveyors

Getting it Back - Valuation Report Assessment

Even if a surveyor says that the report will be with your mortgage lender on the same day, it does take at least 48 hours for a mortgage lender to review the report. In a small number of cases, the lender may need to request further information from the surveyor if there are any comments on the report that may prompt further enquiry.

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